Slip Resistant Flooring For Residential

Our floor treatments will ensure a higher safety standard for your home, period. By improving the texture of your floors at the micro-pore level, we surpass the expectations of ADA and OSHA for floor safety requirements. Our process is a cost-effective way to treat almost every type of commercial floor on the market. Whether you have tile, stone or wooden floors, we can help you improve your floors today.

1. Assess – Every home or business is unique. We visit you on-site to understand exactly what your floor situation is and where are your greatest opportunities for improvement.

2. Analyze - Applying the highest quality standards for rating and potential action such as SCOF and ASM numbers, we use this data to select next steps

3. Action – We apply our proprietary product that will alter your floor at a micro level, vastly reducing your floors likelihood for slipperiness without changing its appearance

4. Afterwards – Once your floors are treated, we stay in touch and check-in twice year to make sure safety and customer satisfaction are still being met.


Showers and Bathtubs

Beyond the floor of the bathroom itself, bathtubs and showers are hot spots for slips and falls.  These are places people need to feel safe and comfortable, but they can be extremely hazardous if people aren’t careful.    


We can apply the Miami Floor Safety solution to your bathroom and shower surfaces as well as your floors.  Just like on regular floors, our product improves the grip texture of the ceramic or fiberglass without damaging it or altering its appearance in any way.


This process is a safe treatment for the bathroom, improves the safety of those areas, and it can all be done in less than an hour!

Wood Floors

Our product even works on wooden floors!  We can improve the texture of vinyl, cork, laminate, wood, VCT and more, and just like with mineral surfaces, it doesn’t distort the appearance.  This option can also come in a variety of finishes, from sleek matter to a high gloss.


Pools, Decks, Walkways, and Other Exterior Areas

Miami-Floor Safety applies a quality product that adheres easily and provides a clear floor treatment that resists physical damage and stains.  Even better, because it is specifically designed to retain and enhance the color and appearance of concrete our floor treatment won’t become discolored and yellow over time.


This is also the perfect selection for pool-side.  It improves the resistance of your surfaces to almost all of today’s common pool chemicals, and with a slip-resistant additive that’s easy to clean, it improves safety.

Garage Floors

For these types of surfaces, you will want our most aggressive product, Tuff Grip.  Whether you are indoors or outdoors, high traffic or with the use of machines, this product makes any floor anti-skid.  We’ve had clients improve the traction on ramps, rooftop walkways, warehouse and garage floors, and more.  With maximum grip, environmentally friendly ingredients, and 9 color options, you can’t go wrong with Tuff Grip.