Is it worth getting my floors treated?

Absolutely!  The peace of mind you get from avoiding potential lawsuits, not to mention the pain (and even fatalities) prevented by adequate floor treatment cannot be overvalued.

Over 80% of workers comp claims are from slip-and-falls, millions of people fall at home and at work every year, and employees can sue for millions of dollars if they are hurt or disabled after falling on the job.

Won’t my floors be ugly after treatment?

Not at all!  Our treatment alters your floor at such a small level that, even though you get a huge increase in traction, you will barely notice the change, if at all.  We have actually had customers say they like the way their floors look more after the treatment!

What kind of legal protection does this provide?

Getting your floor treated for slipperiness means you took the time to assess how dangerous your work environment was and took measurable and professional action to address it.  This can go a long way in reducing your perceived liability when being sued.

How do I know if my floor can be treated?

Our Floor treatment can be applied to a majority of floor services, including all mineral surfaces (tiles, marble, concrete, etc) and even some wooden surfaces.  If you have questions about whether your floors are eligible, contact us today!

I’m not sure I can afford this!

The price depends on how many square feet you are working with, what type of area you are treating, and if you want to treat tubs and showers.  Most commercial areas are between $2.00 – $2.50 per square foot of treated area.  If you need a coating that can endure industrial use, it may be more.  Tubs and showers are quoted on a per tub basis, with reduced prices per tub if you have multiple tubs to treat.

How long does this last, and what’s my warranty protection?

With the proper care and upkeep from us, this treatment can last 5-7 years with no problem.  Our standard warranty is 2 years.

Does this affect my insurance rates?

It can!  When we treat your floors, we show that we assessed your SCOF and how our treatment has improved it, and we give you a document outlining this information.  Your insurance agent should submit that to get your rate reclassified and adjusted.

Once the treatment is complete, I never need to worry about falls again?

Not exactly!  We love our treatment, and we can testify to its effectiveness in vastly reducing the likelihood of slips and falls.  However, there is no way to 100% protect against potential accidents.


Basic safety requirements, general cleanliness, and responsiveness to spills and accidents should be maintained even after we have applied our solution.  What we can guarantee is, the quality of your floor will exceed industry standards for walking safety.

I don’t understand “Safer Wet than Dry”, how is that possible?

It can get a little complicated, involving some understanding of the chemical structure of water, how it clings to itself and other things, and how that interacts with our treatment at the micropore level.  But essentially, yes, with a little moisture and our floor treatment, traction increases rather than decreases!

Why Don’t I just buy this and do it myself?

The product that we apply to your floors is available on the open market.  However, it’s more than just buying a bottle, just like you could fix your own car with the right supplies on the market.


We have the training and experience to identify where you need the treatment most, what kind of treatment for which areas, potential problems to watch out for in the future, and how best to apply it to your different surfaces.  We also have the certification to do this safely, and in a way that can matter to your insurance company.

Doesn’t this take a long time?

We can treat 1000sf of the floor in around 2 hours for commercial applications, easily manageable in most schedules.  Tubs and showers take about an hour to treat.

Once the treatment is complete, do I need to do anything else?

Nope!  Once the treatment is done, you can start using your floor or tub immediately.  There is no need for any sort of curing or coating.

I’m a business owner, is this something I should worry about?

Every business can benefit from our floor treatments!  No matter what company you are, somewhere in your building, there’s a potential slip-hazard, and it may not seem like a problem until it’s too late!  We genuinely recommend every business at least get an assessment done to understand their risks.

But I’ve been in business for a while and never had any issues!

The numbers show that any business will eventually have someone suffer a slip-and-fall.  Whether your employees, a customer, or someone else, there is the potential for a problem.

How do I know if I qualify for the tax credit with the ADA?

There are specific requirements to qualify as a “small business”, so be sure to check with your accountant on whether or not you meet them.  Reviewing IRS form #8826, the IRS website, or even calling the IRS can also help answer that question.

How do I know if I even have treatable floor space?

We can help with that!  Our assessment helps you determine where your risk points are, what specific risks you face, and how best to address them.  Call us today and we can get started targeting your issues.

Won’t this make my floor look weird?

Not at all!  Our treatment doesn’t reduce the quality of appearance of any floor, and we’ve actually had customers say they like the way their floor looks even more after treatment.  It also increases the durability of your floor, which preserves its appearance over time.

What is the reason behind the aftercare products?

Most environments don’t need aftercare products, but some environments like certain kitchens and garages can buildup certain products that can degrade the treatment.

What do the aftercare products contain?

They are cleaning products specially designed to eliminate grease and oil.