Anti-Slip Floor Treatment Services For Commercial

Our floor treatments will ensure a higher safety standard for your home, period. By improving the texture of your floors at the micro-pore level, we surpass the expectations of ADA and OSHA for floor safety requirements. Our process is a cost-effective way to treat almost every type of commercial floor on the market. Whether you have tile, stone or wooden floors, we can help you improve your floors today.

1. Assess – Every home or business is unique. We visit you on-site to understand exactly what your floor situation is and where are your greatest opportunities for improvement.

2. Analyze - Applying the highest quality standards for rating and potential action such as SCOF and ASM numbers, we use this data to select next steps

3. Action – We apply our proprietary product that will alter your floor at a micro level, vastly reducing your floors likelihood for slipperiness without changing its appearance

4. Afterwards – Once your floors are treated, we stay in touch and check-in twice year to make sure safety and customer satisfaction are still being met.


Improving Tile and Stone

Our goal is improving the traction of your floors while preserving their natural beauty, all while exceeding necessary safety standards.  The process can be applied to almost any stone or mineral floor, including tile, concrete, marble, river rock, and more.


Unfortunately, mineral floors can also be surprisingly slippery, especially when you add the tiniest bit of moisture.  When you add in the wide array of shoes people wear, it’s impossible to know how safe your floor is to walk on.


These floors are beautiful investments that can wow your customers and improve your employee’s enjoyment of the workplace.  You should be able to enjoy your workspace and feel confident that you can get a reliable footing.


Our treatment provides that peace of mind!

Wood Floors

Our product even works on wooden floors!  We can improve the texture of vinyl, cork, laminate, wood, VCT and more, and just like with mineral surfaces, it doesn’t distort the appearance.  This option can also come in a variety of finishes, from sleek matte to a high gloss.


Hotel Lobby/Entry

Your entryway is where you are going to see the most traffic, and the most exposure to environmental hazards.  With bad weather and spilled drinks in high traffic areas, protecting against a fall hazard in time can be extremely challenging.


The most common response is to add unsightly floor mats, or even put out wet floor signs.  Mats just cover up the great floor you are trying to care for, and the signs don’t improve the safety of the floor, especially if people don’t see them in time.


With our floor treatment, you don’t need to worry.  Whatever drink or element is spilled on it, our product vastly improves the grip of the floor, and thus reduces your chances of moisture turning into a fall hazard.

Showers and Bathtubs

Beyond the floor of the bathroom itself, bathtubs and showers are hot spots for slips and falls.  These are places people need to feel safe and comfortable, but they can be extremely hazardous if people aren’t careful.    


We can apply the Miami Floor Safety solution to your bathroom and shower surfaces as well as your floors.  Just like on regular floors, our product improves the grip texture of the ceramic or fiberglass without damaging it or altering its appearance in any way.


This process is a safe treatment for the bathroom, improves the safety of those areas, and it can all be done in less than an hour!


Restaurant Kitchen and Dining

Kitchens and dining areas can be hotspots for slip hazards! High traffic for both employees and customers, beverages and food to possibly spill on the floor, not to mention all the steam and grease that comes from cooking, there are dozens of ways the floor can become slick.


We ensure that whatever happens, your floor is far less likely to develop slippery problems.

Outdoor Areas

Having an outdoor area for you, your customers, and your employees can be a major selling point.  People love the fresh air and sunshine.  They can also be much harder to control when it comes to weather and potential slip hazards.


Whatever else you have to worry about, we help you make sure you don’t have to worry about the traction on your floors.  You can safely enjoy your outdoor areas year round knowing that your floors have been treated for safe and regular use.


Our treatment works on walkways, outdoor steps, courtyards, parking lots, and more.


Fitness Facilities

No one wants to worry about falling down at the gym!  Unfortunately it’s definitely a possibility when you’re tired and there’s sweat and water around.  Miami Floor Safety Solutions can help you find the best way to protect your fitness area against slips and falls without the need for tons of mats!

Hospitals and Medical Centers

Hospitals have a tricky problem.  They need to be clean and safe, but keeping the place clean can also mean having slick floors that make people unsafe!  We help solve this conundrum with our floor treatment solutions.


You can confidently keep your floors clean and clear at all times of day without worrying that the floor is too slippery to walk on.


Shopping and Grocery

Everyone knows that grocery stores and shopping centers can be extremely hazardous for slips and falls.  They are high traffic areas where there are often children.  There are also potentially dozens of employees, fluids for sale, cleanliness standards to maintain, and a high potential for small accidents.


You can guard against the unpredictability of this environment with our floor treatment solution.  Our product improves the grip of these common areas so that no matter what, from an employee dropping a product to a surprise break, the floor will be safe to walk on.

Senior Assisted Living

In addition to being high traffic living areas, senior citizens are the ones most likely to be seriously harmed by slips and falls.  In fact, falls are the leading cause of death among people 65 and older.


You can protect against potential tragedy with our floor treatment solutions.


Commercial Coatings

It can often seem like commercial areas cannot be adequately treated for safety against slips and falls.  In addition to customers and the elements, many commercial areas work with extremely heavy items that can damage or scrape the floor.


All of these elements together, along with the potential unpredictability of what types of products may be coming through that area, can create stress.   If achieving maximum traction is a goal for your business, our product can help you get there.


Whether you are working with loading ramps, rooftop workers, a massive warehouse, garage floors, or anything else, our treatment can help.  Our products are made for durability, resist chips and scratches, and are impact resistant.  Even better, it’s environmentally friendly!